Social Media Design

Social media has the power to catapult companies into something viral or send them spiraling downward. The Internet is buzzing with idea sharing, thoughts, and news. Have you joined in?

With social media design from GT omniMedia, you can set yourself apart from competitors and default settings to get people talking about your brand. We can take the look and feel of your brand to every big social “spot” on the web.

Twitter Design. A company Twitter feed is often viewed more often than the company website. Make sure your Twitter background matches your website branding, otherwise you run the risk of potential customers losing the connection when they go from one to another. GT omniMedia’s designers can duplicate color schemes and use flashy images to set the right tone.

Facebook Profile or Page Design. Facebook creates a forum 250 million strong for you to tap into, but you have to be able to speak to them. The best way to reach these unique users is to translate your website’s information into Facebook form. GT omniMedia can create a Facebook profile or page for your business, customize its looks and settings, and give you the tools you need to build your success network.

The key to having a successful Facebook profile is to engage your audience by providing frequent updates.  Every time you have an event, hire an employee, win an award, or land a big contract you should put that on Facebook. GT omniMedia can help you connect with Facebook users.

Business Blog Design. A company blog provides an opportunity for your company to display its expertise and personalizes the business. Most often blogs are used to address other people or companies in the same industry and share your knowledge.

Blog designs look different from your main site, but still must maintain the character of your regular website. In order to create the perfect blog, blog designing involves designing a layout and building that layout into a blogging content management system. It may sound easy, but its pretty detailed work and takes a professional to do it right.

Join the conversation. Contact GT omniMedia today so you can join in.


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