Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing method that can extend the reach of your existing online efforts. Affiliate marketing campaigns use a variety of promotional means to drive targeted traffic to your website and convert leads into sales. Essentially, it is like having your own personalized online sales army promoting your product. GT omniMedia will create, implement, and manage the entire affiliate marketing process to increase your company’s overall success.

Because GT omniMedia focuses on an integrated approach, it all begins with learning about you. We will research your target market and understand your company’s goals. Together, we will work to create a marketing campaign that will fit your sales metrics and desired affiliate commission levels. We can develop exclusive affiliate programs that will bring converting traffic to your site so you can experience a profitable campaign. We can also create custom banners, widgets, and links to arm more affiliates with the customized tools they needs to succeed.

During an affiliate campaign, GT omniMedia will track incoming leads and sales to manage your ROI on an ongoing basis and provide your sales team with updates. We will continually manage your affiliate marketing program to ensure that fraud, poor quality leads, and in-process losses are minimized. GT omniMedia will identify the traffic sources, demographics, and geographic regions of leads that are successfully converting and actively seek to push those sources through to your site while diminishing those sources that do not convert well. Affiliates will be managed to ensure that their marketing methods are consistent with and complements your other marketing campaigns.

Affiliate marketing is not the right choice for all businesses. At GT omniMedia, we actively seek to understand your business needs and have the expertise to determine which marketing methods will best benefit your company’s bottom line to help you make the right choices. Contact us today to see if affiliate marketing can help make your business blossom.


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